XVEN (eXtensible Virtual ENvironment): The Next Evolution in Interactive Fiction

XVEN, short for eXtensible Virtual ENvironment, originated from the concept of creating an interactive virtual space where users can communicate, play, and explore in a 2D environment. The name has evolved from 'E.V.E.', originally denoting 'Emulated Virtual Environment', with the change aiming to reduce confusion with existing brands.

What XVEN Offers:

At its core, XVEN is about user empowerment and community. It's a platform that is not just about playing but about creating, modifying, and personalizing. Whether you're a casual player looking for a new virtual space to explore, a developer with a vision for a new game module, or someone just wanting to chat and make friends, XVEN aims to cater to your needs. With its extensible nature, the possibilities are vast, limited only by the imagination of its community.

Core Features:

Stay tuned... XVEN is coming soon!

Developed by Lance.

A special nod to Mike Rozak, the visionary behind CircumReality, whose legacy continues to inspire interactive fiction enthusiasts around the world.